Sunday, December 17, 2006

so long yellow snapdragons

It is with a tinge of sadness that I bid farewell to one of my favorite blogs to read, Yellow Snapdragons. It was the blog of an english/epistomology teacher I had in High School. I won't speculate on the reasons for her taking the blog down, but I do know I will miss it. One of my favorite memories from her class was the bell she always had next to her. It was a simple bell, much like this one:

Everytime someone made an insightful comment, she rewarded him/her by ringing the bell. "Dings", she called them. Looking back on it, it seems pretty silly, but getting a Ding in her class was quite an achievement for the day. It worked a lot better for classroom participation than any other sort of incentive/punitive points program I'm aware of.

So, thanks for the education and the blog, yellow snapdragons. You deserve this:



sillycrystal said...

I know, it's sad.

But you can catch up with her in person at my wedding! Exciting!

Twentysomething said...

!!!! I loved the 'ding'. That and "thank you for playing" when we played this elimination game in psychology. Oh, oh, and "get out of town crazy man" and "cool beans".

I feel so sad because my French kids will probably remember me as their teacher who beat her head on the chalk board, accidentally said the "f" word a few times, and sang " frere jacques" when no one else cared to sing along and looked like a big dork.

jane said...

i was reading her blogh and i didn't even know her. i liked it a lot! give her my best!