Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Interesting story

I read a really good short story last night by Phillip K. Dick called "Foster, you're dead". It's about a I heartily recommend it. It's only ~15 pages long, so it's a quick read at your local library. If anyone gets the chance, let me know what you think.

From Wikipedia-

The story is a satire of two 1950s-era trends: consumerism and increasing Cold War anxiety. Dick wrote in a letter: "One day I saw a newspaper headline reporting that the President suggested that if Americans had to buy their bomb shelters, rather than being provided with them by the government, they'd take better care of them, an idea which made me furious. Logically, each of us should own a submarine, a jet fighter, and so forth.

I think the part of it which struck me the most was amazing character sketch of Mike Foster, the teenage protagonist, and the success with which Dick captures the teenage shame for one's parents

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