Friday, December 22, 2006

right/left brained?

My sister brought up an interesting point... We are pretty much two completely different people. She makes decisions rationally. She tries to calculate which decision is the right one, whereas I, go with my gut feeling. That, in itself, is not a very interesting tidbit of information, but the fact that we both chose professions pretty much diametrically opposite our decision-making-habits.

She's a history grad student/author, and I am an astronomy grad student. I'll admit it, I'm not a very analytical/logical person. So much of my thinking includes a little thought bubble saying "here, a miracle occurs..." When I was younger, everything I was interested in/good at was artistic/creative in some way. In elementary school, I was sort of singled out for art classes b/c of my creativity. In 8th grade, I was an enthusiastic writer. I played piano until I was in high school. Then, in High School, I took Physics. From there, everything else kinda went by the wayside. I can't really describe why I took to it as I did. I was fairly good at it, and I enjoyed the way everything seemed to fit together.

Now, here I am as an Astronomer-in-training wondering if I made the right decision. I think I did. I do enjoy astronomy, and the scientific method, even though I'm not the most logical of people. I can't really imagine myself in any other profession, so I guess that's a good sign.

It remains to be seen how good of a researcher I'll end up being. Cross your fingers for me...

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marci said...

"I can't really imagine myself in any other profession, so I guess that's a good sign."

I think that's definitely key. And definitely a good sign.