Monday, December 18, 2006

gimpy - day 1

So I went into work today. Vince and I drove to Mi Madres for breakfast (lame, I know, but I've got an excuse!) and then to work. Before we went, Vince decided to make me a walking stick out of a tree-branch. I ended up using it most of the day... I guess I looked pretty funny, but oh well.

They screwed up my order at mi madres, but I didn't say anything b/c I didn't want to wait for them to fix it. And besides, practically everything there is awesome. Well, this one wasn't exactly their best taco, but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

After lunch, I took the Dunham to the airport to go back to New York for the holidays. He was bitching about having to pack cold weather clothes. On my way back, I stopped into a Walgreens to drop off my antibiotic prescription for my knee and went back to work.

I didn't get a whole lot of stuff done today, I'll have to admit. I hate feeling non-productive. Which is bad, because it happens altogether too frequently.

In other news, Russell and I extended our 42 losing streak to 6 games. We won our first 4 games, and then have proceeded to drop the next 6. It's rather disheartening. However, after the league game was over, I managed to beat Mary in two games, AND the in-the-box game.

Mandy's car is acting up, so I guess I'm going to have to stick around Austin until we're sure she's going to be able to get it fixed or have a ride.

I feel bad about only spending a week and a half in Dallas.

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