Tuesday, June 07, 2005

screw ebay

You know what, screw it, I'm going to bed. If some bastard outbids me in the last few milliseconds before the auction closes, fine. I only bid $50 on it, and $50 is the most I'm willing to spend, so if I don't get it, I really shouldn't waste sleep over it. I'm going to go to bed under the assumption that all the other astrogeeks out there are in bed too, so I should wake up tomorrow owning a telescope. I just hope they can ship it here before the weekend. I'm trying to convince Vince (... Hmmm... conVince? Oooh... that has too many fun meanings...) to go to Austin this weekend. Maybe we can go camping, although Vince doesn't really seem like the camping type. I'd like to go try my new scope out, weather permitting.

No bites so far on my tutoring flyers de fisica. Maybe I'll have more luck when I move to Austin.

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