Saturday, June 04, 2005

saturday goings-on

Today, I did quite a bit. Not exactly everything that I was planning on getting done, but I did get some things done that I didn't expect that I would.

I printed off a few astronomy papers on my roommate's computer. His printer is slow as hell.

Went to McAlister's with Vince and Kit. Had a soup and salad. I told her to suprise me on the salad, but she gave me a garden salad with ranch dressing. Weak. If I ask you to surprise me, and you give me something I don't like, it's my own damn fault. The Tortilla soup was pretty good though.

Went with Vince to his lab. I took a picture of him at work. He's pretty focused on his research. Good for him.

Went to Hobby Town and bought a launcher and rocket for $30. Then went to Best Buy to redeem my gift certificate from Chelsea. I got two CDs, Bad Company and Audioslave. So far, I've only made it through Bad Company. I enjoy it. They actually remind me of Audioslave a little bit. I guess Audioslave reminds me a little of Bad Company, but you know what I mean.

Went on a 30 mile bike ride to Riverside Campus to water the trees. Everytime I go out there, I swear someone else has been out there. Last time, I only remember 2 lengths of hose. This time, there were 3. Not a bad thing though. Jumping over the gate was interesting. Good thing I have an aluminum bike frame. After about 20 miles my legs started to give out. I made it home just as it was starting to get dark. I left around 6:15, and got back around 8:45. Wind is a mutherfucker on a bike.

If the weather is going to cooperate, I think I will go out to the observatory with Justin and Jillian. On the bike ride, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but they were starting to appear when I was getting closer to home.

I need to call mom tomorrow and see if I left my checks at home.

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