Sunday, August 20, 2006


So we're in washington right now. we took the ferry into Anacortes on friday and chilled with Miranda's friend. He took me mountain biking in the Galbraith Hills. There are some freaking awesome trails up there. I rented a bike for $20 for the day. It was a really nice bike. I can't remember what kind it was but the list price was ~$2,000. I'll post a picture of it when I get back and get my disposable camera developed. The trails up there are a lot different than the ones in Austin. For one, there are a lot more really really tall trees and dirt. Not so many giant boulders. Anyway, there are a lot of crazy stunts that other bikers have built into the trails. Lots of them involve little ladders bridging over gullys and logs. I should have taken a few pictures of some of these crazy stunts. Needless to say, I didn't try many of them. The ones I did were fun though. Jarrett would have loved it.

I got to see Crystal and Blake, which was cool. We walked around downtown seattle for a little bit. I got my picture taken in front of Safeco field. Too bad the Mariners are on a road trip... I'd have liked to take in a game. Molly (their dog) was cute, but not so keen on walking so much, so she got carried.

We did the Seattle Underground tour... It was anti-climactic. Not that I felt I got completely cheated out of my $9, but it was not too terribly interesting. Our guide was rather weird.

We're going back to Anacortes tomorrow to go kayaking around the San Juan Islands. It should be really cool. And cold. I can't imagine the water temperature being more than about 50 degrees. Hopefully my camera won't get too wet.

Back in Austin on monday. It'll be nice to get back.


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ihearttheastros said...

You back yet? There's a Cowboys game that's hopefully going to be on in my living room, in case you're thinking about falling in love with football this season.