Friday, August 04, 2006

Is it friday already?

Man... I'm tired... I didn't sleep last night b/c I was wrestling with IDL. IDL can go pee up a rope, for all I care. Actually, I'm just being pissy because I'm still learning it. The deeper and deeper I get into it, the more cool things I realize it can do. I think after I re-write my latest batch of codes, I'll be pretty good.

I took Gertie out on a ride with Eric on Wednesday. In case you're wondering, Gertie is the name I've decided to give my road bike. I'll post a picture of her later. She's black with pink lettering, and a very sexy bike indeed. I decided to embrace the pink rather than try to paint over it. This means I'm confident in my sexuality, right?

I'm moving tomorrow. Haven't packed a lick. Still need to fix my POS car. Hopefully it won't be that difficult to fix.

In other news, the squatter is off my couch! Not that I didn't enjoy Greg's company, but I think anyone would get tired of sharing a 1-1. Unless you're romantically involved. Even then, I'm not sure how that'd go.

time for lunch. I'm hungry.

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