Friday, August 04, 2006

I am an AWESOME car mechanic!!

I started work on my car today around 4:15. At 10:30, I finished. It seems that my alternator decided to crap out, which sucks, because I bought a new battery before I bought a new alternator. I guess it's just as well, because I've had the battery for 6 years, so it was living on borrowed time anyway.

I really love the engineers at Pontiac. Really, I do. I mean, who else would have thought to bury the battery underneath not only the Wiper Fluid container, but also the air filter? This is a stroke of genius. However, I do fault them for this: the alternator is not nearly hard enough to take out. I really would have liked to cuss just a little bit more, and drop 7 nuts on the ground in the pitch black instead of only 3. C'mon, I was expecting more from you guys.

If you've not slept in 48 hours and haven't had much in the way of food, it's amazing what 3 beers will do to you.

I'll pack tomorrow after I go wash all the tree-sap off my car and drop off the old battery and alternator.

night night

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becks said...

Try having the bolt that holds the timing chamber cover in place just fall off. Yeah. Interestingly, you have no belt tension when that happens. If you get a mechanic to fix it, it's about $800. If you get your uncle-by-marriage to get a new-to-you cover and bolt from his junkyard brother, and then you have your boyfriend and another friend install it, it's free, but it takes about two weeks, 6 - 11 PM every night. I love Pontiac.