Monday, August 07, 2006

moving sucks

I am FINALLY out of my apartment. I am so glad to be out of there. Not because I hated the place, but b/c I'm finished packing/transporting.

I'm going to get screwed on the deposit though, because I didn't clean the blinds, and the move-out instructions state that they'll bill me $25 for each blind they have to clean. And they're just the type of bastards to charge me $100 for the 4 blinds, even though I made significant effort to clean two of them.

Anyway, the new house is shaping up quite nicely. It's going to be an awesome party house. Details to follow on the house-warming party.

I have waaaaaaaay too much shit. When I unpack, I'm going to have a garbage can sitting right outside the door. I plan to fill it up at least twice before I'm done.


ihearttheastros said...

When's the beerfest?

AstroDude said...

Soon... It's going to be awesome. We're going to have a slip and slide.

ihearttheastros said...

Is it going to be a real slip and slide or the lame ones they sell nowadays?

Really, any slip and slide is better than none.

becks said...

I vote for the slip and splash, which has the nice little pool at the end that goes splash when you land in it.

Oh and FYI, next time you have to clean blinds, I suggest getting a pack of the Swiffer electrostatic dusting cloths. They take the crap right off the blinds, and it's relatively quick and not messy.