Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yes, folks, I am writing from Zurich, Switzerland!

After spending a day traveling, my mom and I arrived at the Zurich airport. We flew from DFW to JFK, and after a 4 hr layover, went from JFK to Zurich. The flight from DFW to JFK was pretty good. I managed to doze a little on the plane. Such was not the case on the flight from JFK to Zurich. I can never sleep on overnight flights, I don't know what it is. There were some interesting charachters too. My mom ended up sitting next to two orthodox jewish people. The guy had long curly sideburns and everything. And, in the morning, he stood up, put on his prayer cloth (or whatever it's called) and started wrapping what looked like a black leather strap around his arm. He was dressed in a black suit with a black yarlmulke and a black top hat.

After we landed, we followed the maze to the baggage claim. We had to take a metro-type thing from the terminal to the baggage claim. It was kinda wierd. It was a subway-DART-type-thing, but there was no driver! Completely automated.

My family didn't recognize me at first without my hair. It was good to see everyone again. They were really happy to see mom, and she was really happy to see them. It was also good to see Mandy again. Hadn't seen her in 4 months or so. She's gone music crazy and bought a concertina (an accordian type-thing) and some sort of irish drum. Silly girl.

IT'S SNOWING OVER HERE!! There is snow on the ground and it's the good snow for making snowballs too! I'm totally winning the snowball war with my sister. There's at least 2 inches of snow, which is an entire inch more than I have seen previously.

I love european breakfasts. They are so good. Bread, jam, cheese, and nutella.

The trees here are so tall. Even normal trees dwarf the ones we have in Texas.

I'm going to see if there are any Einstein related museums here in Zurich. He went to school here and also worked here as a patent clerk.

More to come later, especially if I can find a way to transfer pics from my camera to my laptop. I think I forgot my cable. May have to go buy a new one.


tortuga said...

Ooh. I'm jealous. When I went to France a couple summers ago, we took a day trip to Switzerland and sat in the grass and had a picnic. But everything was closed... it was a holiday of some sort, but I don't remember what holiday.

Twentysomething said...

your family is so cute :) have fun!