Thursday, December 22, 2005

ich möchte sprechen deutch

I really really really wish I spoke German. I feel like such a dork not being able to speak the language.

Although, I am getting better. I don`t know if I`ll be able to hold conversations before I leave, but if I keep hearing people talk, I`m fairly sure that I will be able to undestand what people are saying.

Some german words I`ve picked up so far:

Unglaublich - Unbelieveable
fertig - ready
kenn - to know
Ich bin saat - I am full! I can eat no more!!
genau - of course
bis - until
bis spater - until later

I think after 2 more weeks, I should be fairly good at understanding german. We`ll see how it goes...

Swiss girls are so pretty... I want one... Of course they seem like they would be rather high maintenance too... rats...

The snow is still here. I am definitely still winning the snowball fight.

I almost bought some running shoes today. I may go back tomorrow and buy them because I do need some exercise. I do end up walking quite a bit, but with all the food that they are forcing down my throat (well, they don`t have to twist my arm tooooo hard) I don`t think it`s doing any good.

We went to see the grave of James Joyce today. He was a very tall and thin man, at least if you take his statue literally. Then, we went to the Zürich Zoo. It was a really cool zoo. The penguins were pretty cool, but smelly. I liked the elephants. Especially the baby one. They were eating twigs and sticks like it was nothing. I guess they have some pretty tough stomachs.

I think either tomorrow or some other time I`m going to some small little town east of Zürich to an Einstein exhibit. It should be pretty cool.

Tenative new year`s plans are to be in Wörms with Tillmann. It should be lots of fun.

bis spater...

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Twentysomething said...

grossgott = good morning or literally, "god's grace"...might be a german regional thing

bitte = please

Do they have "Wienerwald" in Switzerland? That was my favorite Denny's-type franchise over there in Germany/Austria. I miss traveling & can't wait to go again....