Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Don't eat the yellow snow....

Went hiking in the foothills yesterday. It was high and cold enough to support some snow, and wow.... it was amazing. Exactly what I picture a "winter wonderland" like. We borrowed some sled from my uncle and clambered up the hill for about a half mile or so to a restaurant on the top of the hill. We had to dodge some skiers who were coming down the mountain. I had a bottle of cider at the top. It was very good, not as sweet as some of the ciders we have stateside.

We sledded the entire way down. We (my cousin, Mandy, and I) stopped about half way down to have a snowball fight. I am happy to report that although Mandy had been talking smack the entire trip about how she was going to beat me in a snowball fight, she's all talk and no game. I trounced her quite handily and rubbed snow in her face for good measure. It was lots of fun.

Along the path, there were small patches of yellow snow. I only saw 4 or 5 dogs the entire trip. Seriously, like every 20 yards or so. I guess it was good because you knew which areas of the snow to avoid.

Once we were back at my Aunt/Uncle's house, we had dinner (pork chops, noodles, and some sort of mushroom sauce). After dinner, my uncle and cousin taught us how to play Jass (pronounced "Yah-suh"). It's like 42 or pitch, but on crack. It was very interesting. I wouldn't mind playing some more, but you need a special deck.

We're going to Alsace today, although it's taking forever for us to get moving. My mom has spent 3 hours looking for her power converter for her curling iron.

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