Tuesday, September 06, 2005

As if I had forgotten I work in an astronomy department....

I swear. This is real. I got this email TODAY!

To: graduate@astro.as.utexas.edu
Re: LunchTrek

Greetings fellow students,

I'm resurrecting LunchTrek for the semester. For those of you new to this, once a week at noon we bring our lunches and watch Star Trek episodes in the 15th floor lecture room. Original Series, Next Gen, or both.

Those of you on my notification list from last semester will stay on my list unless you'd like to be removed. Anyone who would like to start receiving the weekly episode summaries (or can't remember if you're on my notify list), please respond to this email. The rest of you, I promise this is the only time you'll hear from me!

Also let me know if you have a preference for Monday or Friday, and if you would like to see only Original, Next Gen, or alternating episodes.

Live long and prosper,


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good space opera as much as anyone, but come on people, don't perpetuate the stereotypes any more than absolutely necessary!!


Twentysomething said...

...but i know you'll be right there on the 15th floor tomorrow with your ham sandwich and spock ears. :-D

Steph said...

What do you do in the astronomy department? At one time, I thought I would like to major in physics and astronomy. It is still one of my favorite subjects.

AstroDude said...

In response to the above comment, I am actually not quite sure... I'm pretty sure I want to work with Instrumentation (i.e. building cameras/spectrographs to put on telescopes). I don't know on which area of astronomy I want to focus, but I'm leaning towards Cosmology (i.e where it all came from and where it's going) or galactic evolution. One prof here is trying to persuade me to work on young stars, but I'm not sure.

You should update your blog so I can post on yours!

Steph said...

I find cosmology to be a frightening subject. The questions are too big. You're brave if you can face them head on.

Per your request, I have posted something on my blog. You are now obligated to comment. ;)