Saturday, September 24, 2005

5 secrets....

1) I never shave on days that I travel.

2) I am a pack rat.

3) I am an obsessive AIM away-message-checker.... Can't help it.

4) While I pretend to be a beer snob, I can't really tell you what I enjoy in a beer. I think an interesting (i.e. complex) taste is key.

5) My idea of a perfect weekend is fly-fishing in a river in Texas drinking Shiner. Haven't had one of those yet, but perhaps this fall will be the year....


Steph said...

"I never shave on days that I travel."

Because of logistics or because you want to lash out against The Man?

Twentysomething said...

Dude, I haven't heard from you since you hate me?

Also, I think you need to post on here instead of xanga. Xanga just screams " Like, I'm in highschool!"

Hope things are going well, last I remember, you have a 24th bday coming up. You are OLD!!!!!!!!

tortuga said...

I agree, update! :)