Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ok, ok, ok... I get the picture... I am updating... happy? :-P

I've been really busy the past few weeks, but it's been fun.

I saw the aftermath of a bike-car collision. It wasn't pretty. The dude was ok, but definitely shaken up and bleeding from the ankle, and the windshield was rather cracked. The girl driving the car was hysterical. I guess I can't blame her. I didn't see it happen, but it was 2 am, which means they were both probably drunk. Well, I don't know that... I'm willing to bet the guy on the bike was more likely to be drunk than she was. Apparently he had just left the Hole in the Wall (bar/club) and was not exactly acting sober. Judging from the layout of the accident, it looks like he was coasting down a hill and rode right out into the road, in front of the car. If that's the case, there's nothing the girl driving the car could do. But, then again, he could have been riding in the bike lane like he's supposed to and she drunkenly ran him over. Still, I tend to think it was the former.

Needless to say, I'm wearing my bike helmet religiously from now on. I guess I usually pay pretty good attention to cars when I'm on the bike, but it only takes once.

My apartment is a mess, I don't want to clean it. Actually it's not that bad, but I have too much paper clutter. I hate paperwork.

I can't decide what I want to do this weekend. I could either go to CS to watch Christine dunk her ring, or I could go to Wurstfest, or I could stay home and work all weekend. I really need to work, but the others would be fun.

A girl I'm tutoring for my astronomy class seems to be digging herself out of the hole. She's still confused about a lot of stuff, but she's actually doing much better than when she started. At the beginning of the semester, I was wondering how she graduated from high school in the first place, but she seems to be improving rapidly. I don't know if it's going to be enough to bump her test average up to passing, but it's encouraging. It seems she's learned how to study. She's making flash cards and everything. Kinda makes me jealous. If only making flash cards and memorizing facts about supernovaes and stellar evolution could help me in my classes. Anyway, there's a test in her class tomorrow, so I hope she does better on this one than on the last few.

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