Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Black Crowes

Amanda and I went to go see the Black Crowes tonight. I've now seen the Black Crowes three times. I now have ticket stubs for each of my 3 album cases!

It was at the Backyard, which if you've never been, I highly recommend. It's a pretty sweet outdoor venue. A bit pricey, but it allows you a pretty good, close-up view of the stage w/o getting too crowded. I was much closer this time than either of the other times I've seen them (once at Jazzfest, and once at ACL) The "lawn" where everyone was standing was kinda sloped down toward the stage. Not too steep, but enough of a slope where you could easily see over the people in front of you. Also a plus.

The show itself was pretty good. I own 3 CDs (a not-insignificant portion of their discography) but they played a lot of songs I did not know. They were good songs, I just didn't know them. Maybe I need to buy a new album... They did play a few crowd pleasers too, which was nice.

Overall, a good show. Glad I went.

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