Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm back!!!

I'm finally done with my second year project!! The culmination of 1.5+ years of research, the second year project involves a public talk and a closed door session. The public talk is supposed to explain what the hell you've been doing for the past two years, hopefully showing some meaningful results. The closed door session is hell. Your committee keeps asking you questions until you have to say "I don't know."

My mother came down from Dallas to hear my talk, and I managed to stumble through it alright. All in all, I don't feel like I should have passed, but my committee passed me. Apparently, no one feels like they should have passed, so I guess I'm about average.

So anyway, I kept my playoff beard for my defense. Thanks to those of you who voted. Just so you know, here's approximately what I looked like.

As soon as I got home, I immediately shaved it. Now I look 12 years old. Mike D didn't even recognize me when he walked in the door.

Anyway, domino people and Caroline and company came over and we played guitar hero and dominoes until the wee hours of the morning. At least that's what people tell me. I remember most of the night, but things get real fuzzy after Mike D handed me the first of what was apparently many double shots of tequila. Needless to say, I don't remember how I got to bed that night.

Saturday was uneventful. Unfortunately, the tequila also erased my memory of my plan to steal Caroline's ticket to go see Marci's football game on saturday evening. Oops. Instead, I stayed home and re-lubed Bruno's chain, as it was kinda rusty.

Sunday, I was looking forward to for a long time. Jarrett picked me and Bruno up around 4:00ish, and we headed out to pay Emma Long a visit. (We went mountain biking, for all you people who don't live in Austin). Emma Long was where I f-ed up my knee the last time I was there, so this was my first real time back in the saddle since my accident. I was a little nervous, but all in all, it was good fun. I got lost for a little bit, but I eventually found my way. No crashes.

It's nice to rejoin the land of the living.

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Rebecca said...

Please grow some facial hair. I don't want people to think I hang out with children.