Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today, I there was a guy in the elevator standing next to me... He had on headphones and was bobbing his head along with the music, which is not altogether unusual on a college campus. What was odd, however, was the music he was listening to. Bach... A Brandenburg Concerto, I think. He was really into it.

I agree this is a good idea, but I can't help thinking it's a bit humorous. Does it come with whips and child-size shackles? :-P

Thanks to Caroline, I have a new hot biker girl to obsess over. This summer I'd love to go on a biking bender (maybe with Jarrett) and go biking across some US state. Probably up in the pacific northwest. Some place coolish and scenic. Thanks!

I bought some new stamps today. Sugar Ray Robinson. Oh yeah.


Twentysomething said...

your hot biker girl blog makes alaska not seem so bad. appealing almost...( although biking in the cold would never be appealing to me). maybe we should move, learn tlingit and buy some totem poles and kayaks. :-D

crystal said...

maybe you should try this:

america's most beautiful bike ride

and it raises money for luekemia & lymphoma society like my triathlon!