Tuesday, January 23, 2007

cursed evening...

The recent weeks have seen some interesting happenings at the Palace at 2110 Maldon.

Number of Parties: 2

Number of frat-tool-douche-bags encountered at my own party : > 3.

Number of said frat-tool-douche-bags known beforehand: 0.

Hours wasted playing Guitar Hero: > 5.

Number of cars chipped out of ice-coffins: 2.

Bob Dylan Albums acquired: 1.

yeah... I'm getting tired of thinking of clever ways to put things in here, so I'll cut to the chase.

It seems as if we're going to have to move soon (i.e. before the end of the summer). Our landlords are moving out of state, and want to sell the house. This sucks b/c they are trying to sell it for ~$30,000 more than the house is appraised for. Not that I think they'll get it all of it, but whoever buys it will probably want to raise the rent more than we'd like pay. I really don't want to move.

So, in an act of desperation, I'm attempting to purchase the house. Probably won't be able to swing a loan for the entire amount. If I can, It'll be freakin' sweet. If not, we'll probably end up moving. dammit.

On a happier note, I played some dominoes tonight. It's the consolation tournament for all us poor saps which didn't make it into the playoffs. First prize is a crushed can of Lone Star nailed to a plaque. I partnered with Kristen, and we managed to beat the pants of everyone we played. Where was this luck during the season?

After I left Ginny's, I biked home. On the way, I got a call from Mike. He and Vince were up on the top of the parking garage. His tire finally went flat, and he'd been trying to change it for a half-hour with no luck. Apparently, the lugnuts were stuck, so he couldn't get the spare on. The only other option was to re-inflate the tire (it's a slow leak), but he had no tire pump with him. I swung by campus and borrowed Vince's keys so I could go back to the house to return with Vince's car and my bicycle pump (hey, it's the only thing we had).

So, after 15 minutes, I arrive home, put up Gertie, and grab the pump and head out to Vince's car, only to realize that the ignition key was conspicuously missing from Vince's keys. The alarm/keyless entry thing was there, but no ignition key. I call Vince, and find out that Vince had thrown the keys from the top of the 5-story garage to Mike on the ground floor. Mike didn't catch them, and the plastic casing for the key must have broken off from the keyring when they hit the ground. So, with no other way to get back to campus, I haul Gertie out again and head back, bicycle pump in tow.

I finally get back to campus and take the elevator to the top level. It takes us 10 minutes to pump up the tire with the bicycle pump. I'll bet the rent-a-cops watching the security cameras were having a blast watching us. In case you're ever stuck in a similar situation, yes, it does work. It just takes a while.

At this point, Vince and Mike have been hanging out on top of the garage for an hour and a half. We decide we need a beer and food. So, we go to the crown. However, it's after midnight, and after midnight, the kitchen is closed.

That was pretty much how the night went.

After going to wendys and HEB, I came back home and watched On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando. He's a pretty good actor, I have to say.

Update: It seems we are down to 1 working car. Vince's car didn't start this morning. :-(


Twentysomething said...

I envy your college lifestyle, Van Wilder.

marci said...

With all the craziness that has happened recently, you don't need a creative way to say it.

I hope you don't have to move. Your life has been so interesting for the past few months.