Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don't Buck the trend....

So, the Rangers fired Buck Showalter as their manager yesterday. I though that he was doing an alright job, and was willing to give him a few seasons more. But, I guess the Rangers' upper management disagreed.

I can't say I'm altogether broken up about it for a few reasons:

1) Joe Girardi was fired from the Marlins after pissing off the owner. He managed to turn a team full of rookies into serious playoff contenders. Maybe he can work some magic with the worst franchise in sports history...

2) The last two times Buck was fired, the team he left ended up winning the world series the very next year. Can lightening strike three times?

Of course, he got fired from the Yankees and the Diamondback, both of which had winning records during his final season.

I wish him well, I guess, but I hope the replacement can do better.

Dammit, we're due!

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