Thursday, October 12, 2006

adios, los skarnales....

I just found out that a band I like (Los Skarnales) is breaking up. I won't say they're my favorite band, because they're not, but they were the first band I saw live here in Austin. They are possibly the best live band I've ever seen. I bought a CD from them at their show at the Continential Club in Austin. They aren't the most polished studio band, but I've never seen a band with so much energy live.

I almost saw them again a few weeks ago. The only thing is, the tickets were $35 to get in the door, which was WAY more than we were expecting. So, instead, we went back to my house and got drunk. I would have rather seen Los Skarnales.

Oh well, I hope the break-up was amicable and maybe they'll do a reunion tour through Austin someday.

I've got a CD if anyone wants to borrow it. They're best described as Mexican Ska.

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