Friday, July 28, 2006

Say it ain't so...

Dammit Floyd Landis. I really really REALLY do not want to believe that you doped.

The tests are rather damning, but the rest of it doesn't add up.

I mean, he was tested 8 other times in the race, and none of those turned up positive. Testosterone seems to be a long-term effect steroid. There wouldn't be much use to just use it once.

They didn't publish the actual results of the test, but I think they should. Do they know all the effects of all the drugs he'd been taking? He's taking cortisone for his hip, and another hormone for his thyroid. And besides, he got drunk the night before. Does alcohol affect it? What if he got laid with a cheap french whore the night before? I'm sure that would do something to his testosterone levels.

That would be kinda embarrassing to admit though... especially since he and his family are strict Menonites.

I believe him.

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ihearttheastros said...

Yeah, I don't get why no one is talking about the fact that he can barely walk. I'm pretty sure if there's any extra testosterone in his system, it came from medication...and it probably allowed him to compete period. I don't think it allowed him to compete at a higher level because, after all, the man's hip is disappearing.