Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Road Bike! (Part Deux)

Yes folks, I have done it! I now own ~15 lbs. of aluminum, rubber, and probably some steel which have been fashioned into a mode of transportation. I am as giddy as a school girl.

Since my car is dead, I rode it to Ginny's tonight to play my leauge match. While it could be that I just normally kick ass, I'm pretty sure my stellar record this evening (3 wins, 0 losses, two of which were in leauge play) was due to the fact that I HAVE A ROAD BIKE!

I feel a bit like a little kid, not only because I'm still a little shaky on it, as the pedals are kinda funky, but also because I'm going to take it to work tomorrow and show it off. :-D

Fixing my car will have to wait, because there's not much left in my bank account right now. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to ride my bike everywhere. Oh darn.


Twentysomething said...

I would love to have a bike. Dallas is a very un-pedestrian-friendly city, even though I can potentially walk to my summer job. I miss Austin already. :( You might have a neighbor named Sarah in a year or so if I don't get tied down up here.

AstroDude said...

Sweet. I would love to have a neighbor named Sarah. You shouldn't get tied down up there. Or, if you do get tied down, do your best to move the knots to Austin instead!

Just so you know, next month the Alamo's doing:
a) an Abba sing along
b) a Beastie Boys rap-along

I love this town.