Wednesday, May 17, 2006

serrano peppers

Note to self: (and anyone else who tries to make Thai food)

Serrano peppers are really freakin' hot! My taste buds can handle them, but my fingers and mouth cannot. I tried this Thai beef recipie, and it called for 14 serrano peppers. I only had 10, so I used them all. I had to "finely chop" the peppers and then grind them into a chunky paste with a mortar and pestle along with some garlic and onions. The directions failed to say that you really should wear gloves when chopping serranos, or that you should have a well-ventilated kitchen when you are stir-frying these peppers.

My lungs were suffering while I was making it, and my fingertips and lips feel like they are on fire now, even after taking a shower. Well, they don't exactly feel like they're on fire, they feel like they've been frozen and are thawing out by a hot fire. Not exactly pleasant.

The food was good though.

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Twentysomething said...

Casey, I love Thai food. I would marry it, if I could. I think it shows great panache and bravery that you attempt to make your own Thai food, as an Irish-Swiss man. It pains me to hear that you have burned yourself.

If you happen to make green curried chicken with jasmine rice, call me. I will be there post haste, in about 3 hours if I speed.

I am changing the name of this dish to "orgasm chicken". Best wishes in your cooking endeavors.

PS - Hey how is your "map of the world" shower curtain doing?

This comment is brought to you by 4 glasses of Riunite Lambrusco ( purchased at the Shell Station down the road ), and one stressed out sarah who should be grading about a jillion portfolios. Peace.