Monday, April 17, 2006


There's a computer and a scanner on the 16th floor which I use to scan in homework solutions for the class I TA. I was up there this evening scanning in a hw assignment. When I got done scanning the images, I had to open up the directory where it dumps the file in order to convert it into a PDF. Anyway, there's a file in that directory which made me do a double take. Yup... it's called sextractor.pdf. It took me a little bit to work up the courage to open it, but aparently, it's a manual for a program called "Source Extractor" The dude who wrote it is french, so I guess sextractor doesn't translate, but damn...

I found the following qutoe on the second page of the SExtractor manual:

"Back in the early nineties, the purpose of SExtractor was to find a comprimise between refinement in both detection and measurements, and computational speed. By today's standards, SExtractor would be more accurately defined as a "quick-and-dirty" tool."

I can't decide which would be more funny... if this guy is old and frumpy and has no idea what it translates to, or if he intentionally named it such...

I think we can rule out him being old and frumpy. His name is Emmanuel Bertin.

This is him. He doesn't look old and frumpy. Well, at least not old. Not to imply that all old people are frumpy. Actually, some of the un-frumpiest people I know are getting up there in age.

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