Monday, April 17, 2006

Hart Hall, how I miss thee

A friend reminded me via his IM away message of the Hart Hall grode yell.
I lived in Hart for three years in undergrad. It was the "pride of central side", as it was smack dab in the middle of campus. My first year there was the last year without air conditioning. I know, the texas climate in the summer is nearly unbearable, but it was doable, especially since the price was right. It was $700 a semester. I pay nearly that much right now for 1 month's rent. It wasn't so bad after you got the fans cranked up and were walking around in your underwear taking cold showers every few hours. It was one of the oldest dorms on campus, and since it was the cheapest living option, it attracted... well, shall we say, a different class of clientelle than did the modular dorms. The thing about Hart was, it had a fairly high retention rate. It kinda grew on you... kinda like the mold in the bathrooms. If you didn't manage to get out there after your first year, you were pretty much a lifer. I had some interesting roommates while in Hart, but if you've known me long, you pretty much know that.

Grode yells were a holdover from bonfire. You did them with your dorm to get yourself fired up for cut or stack or any other bonfire related thing. Your dorm was like your family, albeit a smelly one. Your dorm was the coolest, while any other dorm on campus was stupid and full of 2%-er's. Grode yells were basically the aggie yell version of the Aristocrats joke. The point was to be as rude and offensive as possible, making fun of other dorms/areas of campus. I think Hart had one of the best. Hart's rival was Walton, the other non-AC dorm on campus (at least when I entered). They were on Northside and were basically A&M's animal house. Needless to say, for those of you with delicate eardrums, I would advise not reading the rest of this post.


Hart Hall, f*** 'em all
p****, c***, and c***.
Grab a t**, suck a s***
sure is fun, but tastes like s***
Through the ramps, into bed
give us h*** until we're dead.
F*** you Walton, suck our b****
wish you could be Hart f***'n Hall



Twentysomething said...

It's fun trying to guess the cuss word. How long has the Hart cheer been around? I wonder if my grandpa sang it in '54...

Anonymous said...

Cocksucker, motherfucker, eat a bag of shit!
Douchebag, douchebag, suck your mama's tit!
Walton's the best dorm, all the others suck!
Walton, Walton, fuck, fuck, fuck!