Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dating is bullshit

Dating is bullshit.

There, I said it. Don't try to pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. It's all about sex appeal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy voluptuous curves as much as the next guy, but is bra size really the best way to shop for your future soulmate? It's not a bad strategy when shopping for a quick lay or an STD. I know pretty much everyone will agree that beauty is only skin deep, but everyone is also too much of a chickenshit to really see if it's true.

Case in point #1: "As good as it gets". Has never happened, will never happen.

Case in point #2: I went out salsa dancing with a few of my friends from work. I ended up staying after they left, and dancing with one of her friend until it closed down. The girl was a really good dancer, and as we talked, I found out she was a really interesting person. She's going to med school, smart, funny, etc... But she wasn't "Hot." So, after the last song played, I bailed, saying I had to get up the next morning... to do nothing. I rationalized it by telling myself that I was leaving town in a month, no sense in starting something I can't finish. But, then again I worked up the guts to ask my really really hot co-worker out to dinner, with hopes of starting something I couldn't finish.

Then again, even if you do find your soul mate, if you're totally repulsed by her, that's not very healthy either.

I think I'm just on the rebound and am still in a "fuck you, Erin" mode. In the immortal words of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, "Is the way to get over someone, just to get under someone else?"

Once again, I think I am doing the right thing by swearing off girls (relationships) for at least a year. Maybe the key is to just date the beautiful people for fun while they are young and beautiful, but then when everyone gets old and ugly, then find someone you can settle down with.

Sigh... I thought I had both in Erin. Fuck you erin.


Twentysomething said...

I love the new rage-filled brutally honest Casey.

Dude, don't feel bad. You've been in monogamy land for as long as I've ever known you. Sometimes a RELATIONSHIP is just not the best thing for ya.

I still think this is the summer to take the Mike & Justin advice.

Kudos on the salsa dancing. I don't care what this girl looked like; ANYONE looks sexy dancing salsa if they're doing it right.

But yeah, for the record, dating in its pure form *is* bullshit.

Twentysomething said...

PS- don't put a time limit on grief or "moving on", because it will never work out when you want to. it could be sooner or later. don't dismiss something good in your life because youre not supposed to be chronologically ready for it yet. same thing with rushing into something, but im sure you know that.