Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Observing Trip - Part I

I'm observing at McDonald Observatory in west Texas right now... it's really freakin' beautiful. Probably b/c they've been getting lots and lots of rain, which means it's been slim pickin's for Astronomy. Seriously, if you look out the window to the valleys below, you'd think you were in Ireland, not the normally-desert-like west Texas.

I hitched a ride with Jeremy. Since his truck doesn't like going faster than 75, and since the other students were riding in a van that did 80, we kinda got left in the dust. So, we took our merry time and enjoyed the trip. Once we got to Balmorea, we decided to take a dip in a natural swimming pool. Jeremy's truck doesn't have A/C, so the dip in the water was well worth it. Of course, it's been "modernized" with diving boards and ladders and what-not, but all the water is spring fed, and there's tons of fish and even a few turtles. The water was so clear, it was amazing. I hate to say it, but it beats the hell outta Barton Springs.

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Twentysomething said...

see, now that looks nice. my boyfriend is making me go swimming in one of those cesspool-like lakes today. i am less than thrilled. hope it stops raining long enough for you to do some work.