Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm coming home!!!

Yes, this time tomorrow, I will be home!!!

Not Austin, but Garland!!!

I have never been so excited about a trip...

I went to Zurich for the last time today. It was cool, but I am definitley missing home.

I got a real swiss recipe for cheese fondue from my uncle today. I think I will try it sometime when I am back in Austin.

My main worry right now is about my health insurance. I'm not sure if the penny-pinchers at BCBS will spring for a $2600 care-flight off the mountain, or how much of my $1500 hospital bill they will cover. At best, they cover it all 75% after a $500 deductible. That's still a helluva lotta money for a grad student to pay off. I guess I will have to kiss my dreams of homeownership goodbye, at least for a year or so, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it then. Who knows, maybe I'll get a second job. I could always hire myself out as a tutor. I think I can get $20/hr from some of these rich Austin kids. Maybe I'll hit up a frat or a sorority.

My main beef with growing up in insurance. I hate it.

Not many memories have returned regarding my ill-fated day on the slopes. I do remember talking to two guys in the hostel the night before my accident. I think I went snowboarding with one of them, so I emailed the hostel and they gave me the two guys' email addresses. Maybe one of them will know what happened to me. Until that happens, I've gotta come up with a great story.


Jill said...

I'm happy that you are coming home safely. Have a good flight.

Twentysomething said...

swiss gruyere fondue rocks my world. be generous with the white wine ;)

davidharolds7172505760 said...
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